Georgetown Steam Plant 

A big thanks to Bud Harris for putting together the outing to the Georgetown Steam Plant February 10th in Seattle.  There was a large turn out. We enjoyed having the building to ourselves for a couple of hours.  The steam plant was a great place to practice training your eye to see something different, and practice your HDR technique for some.

Tim Clifton collected some images afterwards for the steam plant volunteer, and to show on our website. Thanks to Bud and Tim for a great outing.

  • BHarris Gig Harbor_HDR_1
  • BHarris Gig Harbor_HDR_3
  • BHarris_Gig Harbor _HDR_2
  • BHarris_GigHarbor_HDR4
  • Bob Berg_Three-Boats-600
  • Bob_Berg_Harbor-Gem-600
  • Bob_Berg_-Pacific-Grace
  • Bob_Berg_Three-Amigos
  • CPrice_Gig Harbor
  • CPrice_Gig Harbor-3
  • CPrice_Gig Harbor-4
  • CPrice_Gig Harbor-2
  • SBrons_1
  • SBrons_2
  • VDallons 1
  • VDallons 2
  • VDallons 3
  • VDallons 4
  • VDallons 5
  •  The TPS outing Saturday, May 23rd, was under a dramatic cloudy sky, but with no rain.  Knee high rubber boots were a must as low tide in Gig Harbor meant trudging through a lot of mud.


    Bud Harris lead the eleven club members to some of his favorite shoreline photo sites.  Everybody took home lots of what we hope will be some great images. 

    Reserved By: TPS, PSA Representative
    Type of Meeting: Educational
    Number of Attendees: 25

    Reserved Room: Milton/Edgewood Room 1

    TPS Macro Outing

    Where: Milton/Edgewood Library

    When: Saturday March 24, 2018

    What time: 10 am to Noon


  • Horsetail_Falls_by_SBraaten
  • Horsetail_Falls_2_by_VDallons
  • Horsetail_Waterfalls_in_winterstorm_by_SAhmed
  • Latourell_Falls_by_CPrice
  • Latrell_Falls_by_RAffholter
  • Multnoma_Falls_by_RAffholter
  • Multnomah_Falls_by_VDallons
  • Multnomah_Falls_by_CPrice
  • Multnomah_Falls_by_SBraaten
  • The Romantic_Moment_Above_The_Multnomah_Falls_by_SAhmed
  • Cascade_by_CPrice
  • Frozen_Leaves_by_CPrice
  • God's_Creation_Sal's_Vision_by_SAhmed
  • 'Horsetail Falls 1'  by Victor Dallons
  • Thanks to all who took part in the Columbia Gorge outing. I hope everyone had a good time, and thank you for sharing some of your results. You can see more on Flickr at


    April Westport Outing

    On Saturday April 23, Tim Clifton  led a hardy group to shoot around Westport. These are the images that have been received so far. Remember to send them in no larger than 600 pixels high for Flickr.. Thanks to all who attended, and a special thanks to Tim for setting things up.

  • Line - VDallons
  • Masts - VDallons
  • Weights - VDallons
  • yacht-SBrons
  • Apparition  - VDallons
  • HMack_Fishermens02
  • Guardian - VDallons
  • Hydraulics - VDallons
  •  Thanks to all who took part in the Seattle ferry terminal outing in February. I hope everyone had a good time, and thank you for sharing some of your results.


    008When: March 12, 1-4pm

    Where: Marymount Event Center, 325 152nd ST E, Tacoma, WA 98445

    The LeMay Family Collection at Marymount in Tacoma, WA is a car lover’s heaven! Open year-round 6 days/week for guided tours showcasing hundreds of vintage vehicles – primarily American-made cars, trucks, buses, fire engines, motorcycles, and more. 

    Mirror 3-TClifton
    Mirror 3-TClifton
  • jewel-Roberta Marshall
  • FIREBUG-Larry Krackle
  • HMack_Abstract01
  • HMack_Abstract02
  • HMack_Abstract03
  • Brick Illusion-MRadiske
  • Mirror 3-TClifton
  • Thanks to all who took part in the Abstract Workshop and helped make the Christmas sale successful.  We hope everyone had a good time, and thank you for sharing some of your results.

    Dayton and Doug