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TPS, as we sometimes call ourselves, offers three membership levels and a number of payment options.

Subscribing Member

Subscribing membership is Free! There is no charge for you to sign up and become a subscribing member.

As a subscribing member you will have access to most of the information available on this site. You will also receive notification when we post news and announce seminars, workshops and field trips. You will also receive notification of meetings and meeting changes should they occur.

Society Member

Society Members receive the same benefits as a Subscribing Member, along with discounted member admission rates to events such as the annual banquets in May and December.

Society Members are also encouraged to participate in Society Competitions such as the Assigned Topic, or Theme Competitions held at each regular meeting.

Division Affiliate

All Division Affiliates are also Society Members. Division Affiliates are able to participate in Division Competition, both Projection and Print. They are also able to participate in the Division Annual Competition held each year in May.

Payment Options

Free Subscribing Membership

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Individual Membership

Society only $30.00
Both Divisions $40.00

Family Membership (first two members):

Each additional family member (living at home) is $8.00 for Society Only, or $20.00 for Both Divisions
Society only $40.00
Both Divisions $60.00

Student Membership:

A student is a person under 26 years of age who is officially enrolled in a recognized educational facility.
Society only $18.00
Both Divisions $27.00