Results: January 2019, Projection

The Projection Division held their regular meeting on the 3rd of January.

The Assigned Topic, or Theme for January is: On the way to…

The top 3 places are determined by popular vote. Congratulations to:

Debbie KlosowskiTunnel Vision8 Popular Vote1st Place
Joe TiegerOn The Road7 Popular Vote2nd Place
Steven RussellCalifornia Christmas6 Popular Vote3rd Place
Phil LewisChicago6 Popular Vote3rd Place

The Division Competition winners were:

Bruce Bensonboobboo1st Place14 Popular VoteJudges Score of 29
Tim CliftonHoooo-Ville2nd Place11 Popular VoteJudges Score of 27
Bud HarrisMoose in Gold3rd Place8 Popular VoteJudges Score of 24