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Website Developments

Logging In

By the fact you are receiving this newsletter, you know you have an account on this site. If you have not done so already, you should log into the site through the Login page found under the 'Members' tab. Use this email address as your account email. If you don't know your password, there is a lost password form available under the Login button. Enter your email on the Password Reset page. Click the link on the email you will receive. Change your password and log in.

Your Profile
After logging in, you will be taken to your profile page. The information displayed will depend on whether you are a free, Subscribing Member, or a Society Member. Society Members will see their Society Rank, Division, Grade and other information if they have entered images to competition.
They will also see a link to their activity pages for this year, and soon, previous years. Please open these up and make sure they are correct.

Site design

The home page has been updated again. We think this design is cleaner and more in keeping with a premier photography society. Note that if you click on an image in the slide show, it will take you to the related post.

Page Headers
The changes we have made to the site has enabled us to put an image at the top of each page. Dave Scott shot the current one, the twin Tacoma Narrows Bridges, from Titlow Beach a few weeks ago. We would like to have other members contribute images for this space. Images should be no more than 1320 pixels wide by 300 pixels high.
The software is designed to take a number of these header images and then rotate through them much like the front page slide show except the change happens when a new page is loaded.

Competition Galleries
In his spare time 😉, Dave will be going back over this year's projection submissions and creating a gallery for each one. Members who would like to see their print images displayed in this manner should send him digital copies. His email is in the roster, or send a note via the Contact Us page on the site.

Email Subscriptions

With this newsletter, you will find there is now a Manage Email Subscriptions section at the end of the Review and Edit Your Profile page. We have two newsletters at the moment. If you are registered on the site as a Society Member, or a Subscribing Member you have been added to both lists.
Members may opt in or out of either subscription at any time by checking the appropriate box at the bottom of the profile form.

The first is the Calendar & Events Updates. This mailing will be sent out at midnight, any day there have been new events added to the calendar. The content looks something like this:

2019 Spring Fair Photo Contest Submissions Deadline

All entries for this year's Spring Fair Photo Contest must be dropped of at the designated locations by April 3rd, 6:00 pm.
Read more
The next subscription list is the Weekly News. This mailing will focus on recent posts to our news feed. Articles about results and things we feel should be of interest to Society Members and Subscribers. As the name implies, this mailing is scheduled to publish once a week on Tuesday mornings.

Here are a number of recent posts:

Results for February Print Division

Results for February's Print Division Competition are now available.
Members may check their activity reports for more details.

Results from Round 2 of PSA Nature Competition

TPS Scored very well in Round 2 of the PSA Nature Competition. Here are the images and results.

Results for February Projection

February projection results have been posted to the website.
We have a gallery displaying the top images. Also your activity record sheets have been posted.