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The Northwest Council of Camera Clubs (NWCCC) is a non-profit association of camera clubs in Western Washington State. The Council provides a network to share photographic expertise, promote regional competitions and communicate education opportunities.

NWCCC is committed to the following values:

  • Communicating to its member clubs through the website, newsletters, and personal contacts, as well as encouraging member club participation in this networking
  • Encouraging quality education opportunities and competitions to help its members become better photographers and raise their standard of accomplishments
  • Providing a vehicle where member clubs can share information to improve their programs, educational opportunities, and competitions
  • Promoting a spirit of fellowship among its members and encouraging social contacts among photographers  
  • Promoting an environment where members can increase their creativity and artistic expression
  • Providing strength, leadership, and aid to help member clubs increase their membership
  • Serving its member clubs with inspiration, encouragement, and respect for all
  • Taking responsibility for doing its job to the best of its combined abilities
  • Performing all its endeavors with honesty, integrity, and fairness

The Northwest Council of Camera Clubs is a member of the Photographic Society of America

NWCCC Interclub Competitions - Traveling Image Salon

Images from clubs in the Northwest Council of Camera Clubs are submitted to other clubs for voting. Our NWCCC representative, selects images from TPS members, when it is our turn to submit.  We are currently in need of a volunteer to step forward and become the new NWCCC representative of our club.

Download the rules for the digital-only 2022 version of the NWCCC Traveling Image Salon (PDF file)

Please visit the NWCCC website at

NWCCC Annual Competition

The Annual Competition is open to all members of NWCCC clubs.  The TPS is a member of the NWCCC; therefore, all TPS members are eligible to enter this annual competition.  Each member does not also have to be an individual member of NWCCC in order to enter the Annual Competition.


PSA, with an International scope, is made up of photography clubs, institutional groups, councils, and individual members.  The Tacoma Photographic Society is a member of the Photography Society of America and competes in their Interclub Competitions which are open to all PSA member clubs. 

Photography clubs compete during a calendar year in six PSA Divisions: Nature, Projected Image Division (open and creative), Photojournalism, Photo Travel, Pictorial Print, 3D.  All images must follow strict PSA guidelines such as no "hand of man" rules for wildlife photography.  The Tacoma Photographic Society is a member of PSA and competes in only two divisions:  projected open color and projected open black and white.

To win an award at this competition level is an achievement to be very proud of.  You must be a TPS Division Affiliate member to compete in this interclub competition. 

Kathy Admire is the club's PSA representative for competitions.  Bob Wills is the PSA representative for everything else including membership information. If you would like more information about PSA activities and events, or an individual membership to PSA, please contact Bob through the TPS email system at:  Membership > Send Email To Members or   click here

PSA Washington Newsletters:

July 2023 PSA Washington Newsletter.   click here

May 2023 PSA Washington Newsletter   click here

April 2023 PSA Washington Newsletter     click here

May 2022 PSA Washington Newsletter  click here

September 2022 PSA Washington Newsletter    click here

These newsletters should automatically download and open into Adobe Acrobat Reader (depending on your computer settings).  Save the PDF file(s) to your computer if you want to keep them.

To download copies of The Projector newsletter published by PSA, click on this link:

Please visit the PSA website at:



PSA Certificate Of Appreciation Awarded to the TPS For 65 Years of Membership

On behalf of the PSA, Bob Wills presented the Tacoma Photographic Society with a certificate for 65 years of continuous membership.  The certificate was presented to Kristina Allums, TPS President, at the 2023 Annual Division Competition Award Ceremony held at the Emerald Queen Casino on May 20, 2023.




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