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Member Activity Reports

The Member Activity Reports for 2018 and 2019 are now available on the My Membership page. Links to the reports are at the bottom of the page below the UPDATE bar. If you have a report, you should see a link: "Click here to view 201x PDF File".
Activity Reports for the year beginning May 2019 are not available yet. The data from the previous year needs to be updated to this year's workbooks. Changes to the website require some changes to the format of the reports. We will have this work done before we resume meetings in September.

Please check the report and let Dave Scott know if there are corrections.

Member Forums Added

Hey all. Looks like today is the day for new features to be added to the site.
First it was the Member Roster, and now it is the Member Forums.
Again, the functionality of this feature is restricted based on membership level. The general public can't view the forums. Subscribing members can view and browse, but not post.
Active Society Members, Division Affiliates, and Life Members may create new topics in the forums, and post replies to existing topics.
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Member Roster Added

Hey all, we have a new feature added to the website.
A Member Roster can now be found on line.
This feature is only available to Society Members, Division Affiliates, and Life Members, so you will need to be logged in to access it.
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PSA-PID Final results for 2018-19 Competition Year

Individual Winners
TPS just completed its 5th year competing in the Open PID (Projected Image Division) Competition with stunning results. In addition to being in the top division, where competition is very stiff, members received two individual awards (a very big deal). Kudos to Tim Clifton (who received a ribbon but I still don’t know for which ‘honor’) for Radiance and Maggie Tieger, with an Honorable Mention for Penguins Blowing in the Snow. Thanks too for images submitted by Richard Price, Dan Suckow, Cheryl Thielhorn, and Kathy Admire for this most recent round.
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PSA-PID Final results for 2018-19 Competition Year

Upcoming Events

TPS Photo Scavenger Hunt

Meet at UWT Top of the Stairs by the Big W (S.19th/Jefferson) An RSVP would be appreciated At this time you will be given a list of 10 items to capture. Take the list and run with it.  (If you are running late, text Carla and she will text you the list of items.)

WA State Fair Photo Salon Registration Closes

The Washington State Fair Photo Salon holds two photography exhibitions annually. Although shown for only 20 days, these exhibitions are viewed by a million or more people from the greater Puget Sound area who come to see the latest and best in photographic art. Online Entry Registration closes Saturday July 27 at 9pm. Entry fees of $2.00 per print must …

Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire

August 10th - The Enchangted World of Faeries & Goblins is the theme for this weekend at the 10th Annual Renaissance Faire
Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire

Olympic Kennel Club Dog Show

Olympic Kennel Club Dog Show
This is the 75th year of the Olympic Kennel Club Dog Show, and it promises to be a big one.
Lots of photo opportunities with action shots in Agility, Dock Diving, Lure Coursing and others.